Google Pay P2P payments is being killed off in the UK in September

Google Pay P2P payments is being killed off in the UK in September

When Google rebranded Google Wallet as Google Pay, the old peer-to-peer payment functionality stuck around in an app called Google Pay Send. A few months later, that P2P functionality was integrated into the main Pay app. Now, it looks like Google is killing off P2P payments, at least in the United Kingdom.

P2P payment functionality in Google Pay for users in the U.S.

In an email sent to customers in the UK (via 9to5Google), Google announced that the “end of the Google Pay P2P service” will happen on September 6, 2019. After this date, users in the UK will no longer be able to use the web service or Gmail to send or receive money from other users. Google advises users to transfer existing balances into a bank account before the service ends. The email also informs users about a change in the Terms of Service as the company will offer payments through Google Ireland Limited (“GIL”) and not Google Payment Limited (“GPL”).

Email sent to users in the UK informing them of the upcoming demise of Google Pay P2P. Source: 9to5Google.

All other functionality will remain unaffected, including paying for items in stores using a stored credit or debit card and paying for London transit rides. The P2P payment service is still working in the United States, and as 9to5Google points out, is far more useful there thanks to integrations with Google Assistant, Messages, and Google Fi. Google has reached out to customers in the U.S. about the program, so, for now, it seems the P2P service is only going away in the UK. If Google kills P2P payments for users in the United States, we’ll update this article to reflect that change.

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