Google Pay may add QR codes for peer-to-peer payments

There are a number of digital payment services out there and, of course, Google has their own as well. Originally called Android Pay, the recently rebranded Google Pay service has had a number of different features added to keep it competitive. This year alone it has added support for boarding passes, money transfers, event tickets, and has continued its work on expanding its availability around the world. If true, some new screenshots reveal that the online payment service could add support for QR codes to make peer-to-peer payments faster and easier.

This leak comes to us to thanks to @wongmjane, who is a person that has leaked quite a number of unreleased Android features as of late. We did a hands-on of Snapchat Alpha after it was discovered by her, and another one of her leaks points to the Spotify developers testing a sleep mode for its podcasts feature. So Jane Manchun Wong isn’t new to the Android leak scene and her track record has been on point so far. Her latest discovery suggests Google Pay is working on adding QR code payment support to its application.

As I said, the digital payment service market has seen a lot of growth over the last couple of years. There was a time when it was virtually only PayPal, but now there’s the Cash App, Venmo, Jaxx, Zelle, LevelUp, Alipay, and many more. The market has grown so much and gotten so popular that even Facebook Messenger added support for it in their mobile application.

The leaked screenshots show when you’re in the Send section of the Google Pay application you will see the QR code option. With this option, a QR code is generated so the Google Pay application can scan it and make it easier to send money to someone. This is unlikely going to be easier than choosing a suggested person from your contact list, but it will make things much easier for those who you have just met and simply need to make a quick transaction.

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