Google Pay now supports storing some college campus IDs

Google Pay now supports storing some college campus IDs

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Google Pay is on its way to becoming a full wallet replacement app as it adds support for more forms of payment, more banks, and more card types. Late last year, the app tested a new gold gifting option to users in India along with a material design refresh, one-time mandates, and Stories for merchants. An APK teardown of the app also revealed that Google was testing a new feature that would show SafetyNet status on the home page and another feature that would protect online purchases with a PIN. While the app pretty much has everything to fulfill your payments related needs, Google is now adding a feature that will allow users to ditch their college ID cards as well.

As per a recent report from 9to5Google, Google Pay for Android now supports campus IDs for both students and faculty. This new capability was announced earlier this week by Transact, which offers management and payment solutions to schools. Thanks to this, users will now be able to save their campus IDs on the Google Pay app and use it to access secure facilities like academic buildings and residence halls. On top of that, the feature will allow users to pay for services like dining, laundry and vending all across campus. This new feature is NFC-based and users will be able to just tap their Android phones on compatible readers to quickly scan their college IDs.

During the initial launch phase, the new feature will be available in 15 schools across the US, including the Arkansas State University, Chowan University, College of Coastal Georgia, Duke University, Georgetown University, Hamilton College, Johns Hopkins University, Marshall University, Mercer University, Roanoke College, St. Edward’s University, South Dakota State University, Temple University, The University of Alabama, and the University of New Brunswick. More schools have already started installing and testing Google Pay campus ID’s, with one university in Atlanta expecting availability in the second quarter of 2020.

Source: Transact

Via: 9to5Google