Google People Cards are virtual visiting cards on Google Search

Google People Cards are virtual visiting cards on Google Search

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About six months after the feature was first spotted, Google is officially unveiling People Cards. Google mentions that searching for famous personalities presents familiar results, but searching for not-so-famous individuals may not showcase relevant information. So, to aid individuals who are looking to build their online presence, Google is rolling out People Cards, which are like virtual visiting cards where individuals can highlight their existing website of social profiles that they want people to visit.

To create a People Card, sign in to your Google Account, then either search for your name or enter “Add me to Search” in Google Search and then tap the prompt that appears. You can add an image, your Google account, a description of yourself, links to websites and social profiles, and if you wish, a phone number or email address.

Google mentions that they have a bunch of protections and controls in place to maintain the quality of information on People Cards. Only one People Card is allowed per Google Account, and a phone number is required to authenticate the account. There are other undisclosed mechanisms to protect against abusive or spammy content. And users can also submit feedback if they spot low-quality information or a card that is believed to have been created by an impersonator. Google will also allow users to delete their People Card if they no longer want to appear in Search.

For end-users, these new People Cards will make it quick and easy to find the right person. When searching for someone’s name and there is a card available, Google Search will display a module with the name, profession, and location, and users can tap to see the full information within the card. For people who share the same name, there will be multiple modules, and the information can help end users distinguish between the different individuals and find who they are looking for.

This feature is rolling out to users in India on mobile and in English.