Google will begin phasing out the old Gmail design in September

Google will begin phasing out the old Gmail design in September

Google released the biggest redesign of Gmail about a month ago. It instantly became available for both G Suite and regular users. Currently, it’s only an optional feature, so you can stay on the traditional version if you want. As it turns out, that offer is only for a limited time. Google will remove an “opt-out” feature sometime in September for G Suite users.

Starting in July, every G Suite administrator will be required to add “opt-in” functionality for the redesign. Currently, an administrator can decide if they want to let Gmail users opt-in or not. In September the new design will be automatically enabled for every G Suite user. Users will still have the ability to opt-out for a month. So, starting in October, the opt-out option will be removed and users will have a new design, whether they like it or not.

  • July – G Suite admins must add “opt-in” option.
  • August – “Opt-in” option will be automatically added.
  • September – New design will be enabled automatically with “opt-out” option.
  • October – “Opt-out” option removed.

Google only mentions G Suite users in all of this, but it’s likely to relate to regular Gmail users as well. The redesign was also originally just for paid users and it rolled out to free users around the same time. I personally think that it’s much better than an old one that hasn’t been really updated in years. I hope Google will fix all weird UI/UX choices in new design before October.

Source: G Suite Blog

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