You can now add content to albums in Google Photos when you’re offline

You can now add content to albums in Google Photos when you’re offline

Despite Google Photos pretty much replacing the offline gallery app in a lot of smartphones, it is still pretty much an online-first app. Your photos are backed up to the cloud and you can access them anytime from any device (although unlimited storage for this service is going away, so you’ll have to pay if you want more than 15 GB for your backed-up photos and videos). And you can even edit your photos and add certain effects on them, all in the cloud. But because of the app’s online-first nature, it wasn’t possible to create albums or add content to them unless you were online. Now, that is possible.


Now, the Google Photos app allows you to create new albums and modify existing ones, including adding or removing content from them, without having an internet connection. Of course, albums work best when online, so whatever change you make will be synced with Google’s cloud as soon as you get back online, and it even works with pictures that have not yet been backed up—they’ll just get uploaded when you’re online. But you won’t actually need to be online in order to make changes to them. This is nice as sometimes we won’t have access to Wi-Fi or even mobile data, that’s just how life works, and if you want to take a photo and add it to an album when offline, that’s something you can now do.

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You also don’t need to enable anything or do anything else: just create and modify albums as you would if you were online. While this update is already live on most people’s phones according to Android Police, if it’s not yet live on your device, you might have to wait until a server-side switch gets flipped since that’s how most features on Google services end up rolling out. If that doesn’t do it, then you might as well try your luck updating to the newest version of the Google Photos app through Google Play.

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