Google Photos adding “Favorite” feature to help you save your best photos in one place

Google Photos changed the way millions of people store the photos they take. Even today, most cloud storage services will cut you off when you hit a certain storage threshold but as long as you don’t mind Google using its compression algorithm (which isn’t bad at all), then you can upload all the images you want to Google Photos. While the company has put a lot of work into organizing and letting you search through your photos, they have yet to implement an increasingly requested feature. Today, the company has announced that you will be able to “Favorite” photos when the feature rolls out this week.

Having an image hosting service that lets you upload as many photos as you want is incredibly useful, but it can also introduce some issues as well. For example, when you know that you don’t have to worry about storing them you instinctively start taking more photos than you normally would. This can be an issue when you have 1,000+ images stored on Google Photos as it can take a long time to sort through the images you have in the cloud. Google has done a great job at using image recognition, location data, and timestamps so you can search for the image you want, but that’s never a replacement for a favorites option

Until now, you were forced the create a separate album if you wanted a place to store your favorites. This certainly wasn’t a difficult workaround but it was a band-aid approach to something that many felt should be built into the platform. Today on Twitter the team has announced that a new Favorites option will be added to Google Photos sometime this week. To use it, you need to open up the image within Google Photos and then tap or click on the star icon to mark it as a favorite. You will then see a collection of your favorites at the top of your albums tab within the application.

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