Google Photos adds sorting in the Albums tab and video frame export for the Pixel 4

Google Photos adds sorting in the Albums tab and video frame export for the Pixel 4

Google Photos is arguably one of the best Google apps out there, thanks to its great sharing and cloud storage capabilities. Along with the regular gallery features, Google also makes use of Photos as a platform to showcase its machine learning and AI prowess. As such, the app gets cool new features with each successive update. Most recently, Google Photos received support for a new document cropping extension. This new extension allows you to easily digitize documents without requiring a third-party app. Now, with the latest update, Google is adding a new sorting feature to the Albums tab in the app.


As reported by 9to5Google, a server-side update for the app has enabled a new sorting feature in the Albums tab. By default, albums in Google Photos are sorted based on the last photo you took. But with the update, you’ll now be able to sort albums by “Last Modified” or “Album title”. Compared to some other features released for the app, this one seems a bit too basic. However, it’s definitely a welcome addition for those of you who like to keep your photo albums sorted in a certain way.

Since this is a server-side update, the new feature can be found on devices running version 4.28 and 4.29 of the app. At the time of writing, the feature was not available on my phone, but we expect it to reach more devices in the following weeks. It’s also worth noting that this feature is currently not available on the iOS or web version of the app.

Additionally, a separate report from 9to5Google reveals that Google Photos is getting another new feature exclusively on the Pixel 4 duo. This new feature will essentially let you grab high-resolution still from any video shot on the Pixel 4. The app has a new “Edit” UI with the timeline at the bottom of the display.  The “Stabilize” and “Rotate” options have now been turned into icons and there’s a new “Export frame” button. Tapping on the button after selecting a point in the video will save that frame to your gallery in 1920×1080 or 2160×3840 resolution. While the quality isn’t as good as an actual still captured by the device, the new feature is definitely quite handy.

On top of that, if you capture video from the main Camera UI using the press and hold feature, the Pixel 4 will save up to 10 shots in HDR quality. When you open the captured video in Google Photos, you’ll be greeted with a new UI with a dedicated “Export HDR shot” button and swiping up for the info sheet will reveal a new “Shots in this video” timeline. As of now, these features are exclusive to the Pixel 4 duo running version 4.28 (or higher) of Google Photos, with no information from the company regarding a wider rollout.

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