Google Photos will soon help you crop documents for better file management

Google Photos will soon help you crop documents for better file management

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Google Photos is undoubtedly one of the better and more useful Google applications available right now. Other than being a great sharing and storage service for your photos, Photos is also used by Google as a platform to implement their machine learning and AI prowess. Over the years, the app has evolved continuously, providing features like an absolutely killer search feature that can recognize faces, landmarks, and even subject matter; automatic album generation, automatic sharing, stylized photos, color pop photos, “Rediscover” reminders, automatic gif generation from videos, and so much more. Google Photos is easily one of my favorite apps, and it is about to get better as Google has now announced “document crop” functionality.

We have all had instances where we have taken photos of receipts, certificates or other documents for sharing or for future reference and backup. Apps like CamScanner exist to quickly digitise documents by cropping out the extra parts of the image (and these apps also offer more functionality beyond that), but now you no longer need a separate app for this particular use. Google is rolling out this functionality to Google Photos, allowing the app to suggest cropping, rotating and adjusting the color of documents to remove the background and clean up the image for better digitization.

This feature is slated to roll out to Android users in this week.

Source: Google