Google Photos preps same-day prints from 7-Eleven and long-awaited storage management features

Google Photos preps same-day prints from 7-Eleven and long-awaited storage management features

Back in October, Google launched a premium print service for Google Photos users that delivered 10 high-quality photo prints at your doorsteps for a monthly fee. The service relies on machine learning to suggest 10 photos from your Google Photos library. You can edit your photo selection, choose between matte and glossy finish, and add a border to your photos before they ship each month. Alongside the new print service, Google also added Wallgreens to its list of same-day print pickup locations. Now Google is preparing to add one more location.

An APK teardown can often predict features that may arrive in a future update of an application, but it is possible that any of the features we mention here may not make it in a future release. This is because these features are currently unimplemented in the live build and may be pulled at any time by the developers in a future build.


In the latest version of the Google Photos app (v5.39) for Android, we have found strings that suggest Google Photos users will be able to order same-day prints from their local 7-Eleven stores.

<string name="photos_printingskus_kioskprints_storefront_tooltip_body">Conveniently order prints from Google Photos and pick them up at 7-Eleven</string>\nPrints orders will need to be placed from the Google Photos app. Users will be shown an estimated price based on the "most recent information available." The final price will be confirmed at the store at the time of checking out.\n<string name="photos_printingskus_kioskprints_ui_checkout_button_disclaimer_price_estimate">* Estimated price based on most recent information available. Final price will be shown at the multicopy printer.</string>\n<string name="photos_printingskus_kioskprints_ui_checkout_button_text">Place order</string>\n<string name="photos_printingskus_kioskprints_ui_checkout_order_header_title">Order details</string>\n<string name="photos_printingskus_kioskprints_ui_checkout_pay_in_store">Pay in store</string>\n<string name="photos_printingskus_kioskprints_ui_checkout_pickup_header_title">Pick up details</string>

Additionally, we have found strings related to some new storage management features that Google is working on. Google’s free unlimited storage comes to an end on June 1, 2021, and all photos and videos uploaded from that point forward will count towards the 15GB limit allotted to your Google account. To help people get the most out of the 15GB space, Google will analyze your photo library and provide suggestions to clean up space by removing photos that are blurry, too dark, or duplicate. It will also show you how much space is being occupied by these kinds of photos.

<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_blurry_empty_state_subtitle">Blurry photos detected in your library that count towards your storage will show here</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_blurry_empty_state_title">No blurry photos to delete</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_blurry_photos_category_title">Blurry photos</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_dark_empty_state_subtitle">Dark photos detected in your library that count towards your storage will show here</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_dark_empty_state_title">No dark photos to delete</string>

Google Photos will show you if your library has any photos or videos that are excessively large in size and how much space they are eating up. Moreover, it will show you how photos and videos from other apps and screenshots are affecting your storage quota.

<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_large_empty_state_subtitle">Large photos or videos detected in your library that count towards your storage will show here</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_large_empty_state_title">No large photos or videos to delete</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_large_photos_and_videos_category_title">Large photos &amp; videos</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_other_app_empty_state_subtitle">Photos &amp; videos detected from other apps that count towards your storage will show here</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_other_app_empty_state_title">No photos or videos from other apps to delete</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_other_applications_category_title">Other apps</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_data_screenshot_empty_state_subtitle">Screenshots detected in your library that count towards your storage will show here</string>

Google Photos will also give you a forecast of how long your storage will last in months or years based on your usage patterns. This estimate will appear after a few months of regular photos and video uploading.

<string name="photos_quotamanagement_forecast_about_months_of_storage">{months, plural, =1{About 1 month of storage left} other{About # months of storage left} }</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_forecast_about_years_of_storage">{years, plural, =1{About 1 year of storage left} other{About # years of storage left} }</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_forecast_more_than_years_of_storage">{years, plural, =1{More than 1 year of storage left} other{More than # years of storage left} }</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_forecast_subtitle_no_data">You’ll see an estimate here after you upload photos &amp; videos consistently for a few months</string>

Finally, there are some new strings that confirm that Google Pixel phones will be not be affected by the new change and will continue to enjoy free, unlimited High Quality and Express Quality backup after June 1, 2021. This will presumably only apply to the existing Google Pixel phones as Google has already confirmed future Pixel phones won’t offer unlimited high-quality backups in Google Photos.

<string name="photos_quotamanagement_summary_free_hq_storage_pixel_ab_off">High quality on this device is free &amp; unlimited. Turn on in &lt;a href=backup_settings>backup settings&lt;/a>.</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_summary_free_hq_storage_pixel_express_backup">You’re backing up in Express from your %s, which is free &amp; unlimited</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_summary_free_hq_storage_pixel_hq_backup">You’re backing up in High quality from your %s, which is free &amp; unlimited</string>\n<string name="photos_quotamanagement_summary_free_hq_storage_pixel_oq_backup">Backing up in High quality on this device is free &amp; unlimited. Change in &lt;a href=backup_settings>backup settings&lt;/a>.</string>
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