[Update: New “Manage your library” Page] Google Photos renames the Assistant tab to “For You”

[Update: New “Manage your library” Page] Google Photos renames the Assistant tab to “For You”

Update (11/26/19 @ 4:55 PM ET): Google Photos is rolling out a new “Manage your library” settings page.

For a while now, the Google Photos app has included an “Assistant” tab. This is the place where all of Google’s automatically created creations are shown. Things like photo collages, animations, movies, albums, and more. The name of the tab has always felt like an implication that Google Assistant is creating these things, but it can be confusing if you’re not familiar with it. Google is changing the name of this tab to “For You.”

The folks over at Android Police first noticed that the Google Support page for Google Photos had changed all instances of “Assistant” to “For You.” Shortly thereafter, people started noticing the change in the Android app. A few of us here at XDA already have the new tab as well. This is purely a name change, at least for now. Everything else is exactly the same as before.


Screenshots from Max Weinbach

“For You” certainly makes a lot more sense and better describes what is shown in the tab. This also brings Google Photos in line with Google Maps, which also has a “For You” tab. The web version has already been updated as well if you go to photos.google.com/foryou. This is a small change, but small changes can be important.

Update: New “Manage your library” Page

At the time of the original article above, the “For You” tab was a simple name change. Now, it appears Google is changing how the tab actually functions. All the suggestion cards that used to show up on the For You tab have been bundled into a “Manage your library” page. This page can be accessed from the slide-out menu as well. This means you won’t see suggestions for things like fixing sideways photos and archiving backed up photos along with Google’s auto creations.

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