Google Photos revamps Memories and adds a collage editor

Google Photos revamps Memories and adds a collage editor

Google Photos isn’t just an online cloud storage service, it offers so much more than just being able to store your photos and videos. Over the years, the service has introduced different kinds of tools and also features that allowed users to experience their photos and videos in a different way. When Memories made its debut nearly three years ago, it gave users a chance to revisit the past. Now, Google is revamping Memories, giving users a new way to reminisce.

Starting today, users will now see snippets from videos in Memories. The video snippets will be taken from longer videos that are stored in Google Photos, which could make for a nice and unexpected surprise. Furthermore, a subtle zoom effect will now be added to photos, which should make for a new kind of viewing experience. While these additions are rather tame, Google does have more ambitious plans, like adding instrumentals to Memories. Although the music could be interesting, let’s hope it isn’t similar to what is found in the sample video above. If all goes to plan, Google Cinematic Memories will roll out to users starting next month.


Google Photos Collage

In addition to the revamped Memories, Google is also rolling out a feature called Styles. Styles will automatically add graphic art to Memories with the intention of mimicking old scrapbooks. There will be several designs at launch and even some limited additions from artists like Shantell Martin and Lisa Congdon. Furthermore, going forward, users will now be able to share Memories with friends and family members. The feature will first arrive on Android devices and will later roll out to iOS and web users. For those that want to be a little more hands-on, Google will also introduce a new collage editor that will allow users to pick photos, arrange them in a layout, apply edits and share them. With more than 30 different designs, the possibilities are endless.

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