Google Photos is rolling out the ability to search your photos by text

Google Photos is rolling out the ability to search your photos by text

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Google Photos is, inarguably, one of the best Google applications for Android in recent memory. This photo sharing and storage service from Google outlasted Google’s own social network, Google+ by a long margin. The use of AI and machine learning within this product allows Google to bake in features that most other solutions simply cannot offer. Over the years, we have seen Photos evolve with features such as document cropping, pet photo sharing with partner libraries, wide-color image support, and even a dark theme! Now, Google has confirmed that users will be able to search their photos by the text matter captured within them, thanks to OCR.

Twitter user @hunterwalk spotted that Google Photos could now pick up text from within screenshots, by utilizing the Google Lens integration. This then allows Google Lens to use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to translate the text image into text, which can then be modified and used as needed.

The official Google Photos account then responded within the tweet thread to confirm that users can also search for photos by the text in them.

Google Photos search functionality is one of the most powerful search functionalities integrated within a product, and this change adds on to this by absolutely simplifying searching through screenshots even if you only remember a part of the text within. Once users find the text that they were looking for, they can use the Lens button within the app to copy and paste that text. This feature set is rolling out to users from this month onwards, so you can expect to see it on your smartphone in the near future.

Source: @GooglePhotos