Google Photos v1.22 Prepares to Add Black Point, Saturation, Shadow, Temperature, and Tint Adjustment

Google Photos v1.22 Prepares to Add Black Point, Saturation, Shadow, Temperature, and Tint Adjustment

Within each Google App update, there’s always something interesting to find. For instance, a little over a week ago we discovered some exciting upcoming features within the Google Maps app.

Google is always testing out new features for us to toy with, and with the latest Google Photos update come some hints about where Google is headed with the service’s photo editing capabilities. Google Photos v1.22 appears to be adding several new photo editing features such as black point adjustmentbrightness adjustmentsaturation adjustment, shadows, temperature, and tint.

Disclaimer: The evidence we dig up from the APK files of an app are not definitive. Google may choose to pull these features without any indication in a future release.

Google Photos Meets Snapseed

It’s been a long while since Google bought Snapseed, so we’ve been expecting Google to take advantage of the photo editing technology used in Snapseed within its namesake products. Although Google Photos has been a smashing success since its initial launch, its success probably isn’t attributed all that much to its photo editing capabilities. People love free stuff, and Google’s unlimited online free storage with minimal compression was a massive selling point for its users, but if Google wants to stay competitive with the likes of Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and other major brands they will need to continue bringing more features to Google Photos. Just recently, Google Photos received a web update allowing users to adjust the timestamps on multiple photos. Still, apart from very basic EXIF data manipulation, Google Photo’s has lacked many of the image processing features seen in Snapseed.


Snapseed Editing

Currently, the only things you can currently do are automatically adjust color and exposure, manually change lighting, manually adjust color, or add effects. That’s about to change, at least according to some strings found within the latest Google Photos update.

<string name="cpe_adjustments_black_point">Black point</string>
<string name="cpe_adjustments_brightness">Brightness</string>
<string name="cpe_adjustments_highlights">Highlights</string>
<string name="cpe_adjustments_midtones">Midtones</string>
<string name="cpe_adjustments_saturation">Saturation</string>
<string name="cpe_adjustments_saturation_deep_blue">Deep blue</string>
<string name="cpe_adjustments_saturation_skin_tone">Skin tone</string>
<string name="cpe_adjustments_shadows">Shadows</string>
<string name="cpe_adjustments_temperature">Temperature</string>
<string name="cpe_adjustments_tint">Tint</string>

With these image processing features in Google Photos, there’s less of a reason for most average users to use Snapseed or similar product. Why navigate to another app when you can access, store, and edit all of your photos on any platform thanks to Google Photos? Now I don’t think Google will be abandoning Snapseed anytime soon, but it’s nice to see them finally taking steps to take advantage of the technology they bought back in 2012.

That’s all we found in the latest Google Photos update. Stay tuned to future posts in our series when we investigate what’s new and what’s coming in Google’s Apps.

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