Fix found for Google Pixel 2 blurry panorama issue [Root]

Fix found for Google Pixel 2 blurry panorama issue [Root]

The Pixel 2 uses much of the same hardware as the Pixel 2 XL, however, the smaller of the two 2017 flagships has had issues with its panorama images. The blurry issue has been around since the device was first launched, but we started to see an escalated number of complaints about it back in April of this year. The Pixel 2 XL doesn’t have this issue and Google has yet to push out a fix for the community. However, a community developer has stepped up and offered a solution to the problem as long as you have root access to the Pixel 2.

One of the first reports of this issue was submitted to Google’s Issue Tracker way back in November of 2017 and since then there have been over 100 comments made to the thread. The bug has been acknowledged by Google and has been assigned to an engineer. However, there has yet to be any fixes added to the firmware for the Pixel 2. Interestingly enough, someone known by “av…” on the issue tracker has just offered up a solution to the issue and it can be fixed if you have root access to the device.

The submitted fix is based off the firmware version walleye-opm4.171019.021.q1-factory-a4b25146, so you’ll likely want to be on that version if you want to try this fix. The developer does say that while the fix may work on other firmware versions, it may end up completely breaking the camera. Along with an unlocked bootloader, you’ll want to have Magisk installed so you can make sure it disables dm_verity/AVB2.0. The developer provides the following steps to push the patch to the Pixel 2.

  1. adb push <<PATH_TO_DOWNLOADED_SO_FILE>> /data/local/tmp
  2. adb shell mount -o remount,rw /vendor
  3. adb shell cp /data/local/tmp/ /vendor/lib/hw
  4. adb shell mv /vendor/lib/hw/ /vendor/lib/hw/
  5. adb shell mv /vendor/lib/hw/ /vendor/lib/hw/
  6. Either reboot your phone, or (p)kill /vendor/bin/hw/[email protected]

To show the patch worked on this person’s device, they also provided a before and after image so you can see how it looks.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to enter a bunch of commands, XDA Recognized Developer frap129 has created a Magisk Module based on the fix. It’s a lot easier to install and you only need Magisk to use the above method. Search for “Pixel 2 Blurry Panorama Fix” in Magisk Manager to download and install the fix.

Thanks for the tip Matze Bob!

Source: Google Issue Tracker

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