Google may be facing a lawsuit due to Pixel 3 hardware issues

Google may be facing a lawsuit due to Pixel 3 hardware issues

Google’s history with smartphone manufacturing isn’t long, but it has had its share of issues. Earlier this year, Google and Huawei started paying out settlements for a lawsuit regarding Nexus 6P bootloops. The original Google Pixel also suffered from hardware issues, resulting in another settlement. The company could potentially face another lawsuit, this time concerning the Pixel 3 series.

Law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP (CSK&D) is investigating a potential class-action lawsuit for Pixel 3 battery drain and camera issues, among other things. The law firm is currently just looking for Pixel 3 owners to share their experiences, but if enough people fill out the form, they could pursue it. This is typically how these lawsuits begin.


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CSK&D specifically mentions a defect that causes the battery to quickly drain and shut down. They also mention the phone’s camera app shaking, vibrating, and crashing altogether. Pixel 3 owners can fill out a simple form to indicate if they’ve experienced these issues and if they’ve attempted to get a warranty repair or replacement. Owners can also write in any other issues they’ve had.

Personally, I’ve been a Pixel 3 owner for nearly 2 years, and I have had to get a replacement. However, the problem I experienced had to do with the USB-C port becoming nonfunctional. Google told me this was a common complaint when they issued me a replacement (which has now started to have the same problem again). If you’ve experienced any hardware issues with your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL (not Pixel 3a series), fill out the form linked below. It could be worth something someday.

Source: CSK&D Investigation Form | Via: Reddit, Twitter

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