Google Pixel 3a/3a XL join the ARCore and Android Enterprise Recommended lists

Google Pixel 3a/3a XL join the ARCore and Android Enterprise Recommended lists

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With the Pixel 3a and the 3a XL, Google intends to recreate a flagship experience, but in a slightly toned down fashion. To bring the cost of the Google Pixel 3a down to $399, Google is using a plastic design, a less powerful processor, an inferior selfie camera compared to the Pixel 3. On top of that, there’s no Pixel Visual Core chip, and this results in slower processing of images. But, there are certain experiences that Google wants to keep intact and that has to do with its latest development in Google Search and Maps.

Even though the Pixel 3a is not adept to support VR experiences with the Daydream headset, Google has confirmed that the smartphone is now certified for ARCore. This certification will allow the Pixel 3a to run a host of augmented reality applications, including many experimental projects by Google. One of the primary uses of the ARCore support, however, is the ability to use the Playground feature in the Google Camera app and take images or selfies with tens of popular characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stormtroopers from Star Wars, or various Pokémon.

The ARCore support confirms that the Pixel 3a has resources like reliable motion tracking sensors and a decently powered CPU to handle AR apps. In my experience, however, the smartphone tends to heat up very quickly while using Playground, so you might want to use playmoji with breaks in between.

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Additionally, owing to its Titan M security chip, the Pixel 3a has also been listed as an “Android Enterprise Recommended” device. This means that companies who buy hundreds of smartphones for their employees can trust that the smartphone will fend confidential data against bad actors. This is because Google can be expected to push the latest security updates to the devices alongside other Pixel phones, besides offering features like zero-touch enrollment and a bloat-free interface.

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