Google Pixel 4 camera samples show off Astrophotography and Dual Exposure sliders

Google Pixel 4 camera samples show off Astrophotography and Dual Exposure sliders

Ever since its launch, the Google Pixel 3 series has been known for having the best cameras in any smartphone. However, following the recent launch of the iPhone 11 Pro, the scales seem to have tipped ever-so-slightly in Apple’s favor. Now, less than two weeks away from the 10/15 Made by Google Event, leaked promotional camera samples suggest that the company is ready to take back its lead with the upcoming Pixel 4 devices.

Pixel 4 Camera Samples

Originally obtained by 9to5Google, these camera samples showcase the Pixel 4’s capabilities in a variety of different scenarios. Early last month, we caught a glimpse of what Google’s updated Night Sight is capable of when we first took the modded Google Camera 7.0 out for a spin and now we have these full-resolution camera samples to back up the astrophotography claims.


Pixel 4 Camera Samples

The improved Night Sight capabilities aren’t limited to just capturing photos of stars, as is evident in the following shots. Even in low-light scenarios, the Pixel 4 manages to make colors pop while also delivering great dynamic range.

There are also a couple of portrait-mode selfies which, despite being just 4.5 megapixels in size, offer stunning details and accurate edge detection, particularly around curly hair.

Next up, we have some portrait-mode shots from the Pixel 4’s rear camera setup which highlight what the extra sensor on the device is actually capable of. Not only do the photos capture an impressive level of detail, but the portrait effect around the dog’s head is just phenomenal.

But that’s not all. The samples also include an amazing action shot, sharp silhouettes, detailed macro shots, and the customary food shot.

Furthermore, Google is also bringing some major changes to the camera app, including the new Dual Exposure Camera Controls that will help you take amazing shots in any lighting condition. A promotional video demonstrating the feature showcases how users will get access to two different exposure sliders to manipulate the highlights and shadows before taking a shot.

Here are a couple of sample images that showcase what the dual-exposure slider will be capable of. As you can see, the device makes use of this new mode to compensate for the bright sky in these images or to create sharp silhouettes of the subject.

Other than these recent developments, the upcoming Pixel 4 has previously been spotted in a leaked hands-on video that shows off every angle of the device. We’ve also seen high-quality renders of the phone and on the software front, we know quite a bit about the next-gen Google Assistant and Motion Sense gestures that are expected to debut with the device.

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