Google Pixel 4 hands-on video shows off Pixel Themes and new Assistant UI

Google Pixel 4 hands-on video shows off Pixel Themes and new Assistant UI

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: “the Pixel 4 has leaked.” Moving production to Vietnam did not solve any of the leak issues we saw with the Pixel 3 last year. We’ve had multiple Pixel 4 leaks every day this week and last week. Everything from 4K hands-on videos, leaked promo videos, tons of hands-on photos, details about upcoming features, and so much more. The latest leaks are another high-quality video and photo album.

So what’s new in the latest in a long line of leaks? Surprisingly, there are still some things that we haven’t seen. This new batch of leaks gives us a look at Pixel Themes in action, more of the Face Unlock UI, the new Google Assistant UI, front-facing camera quality, and more high-res views of everything you could want on the Pixel 4 XL.


Last week, we shared the first look at the Pixel Themes app. We can now see even more photos of the app and the video shows how it works. The app works pretty much as you’d expect. There are 4 theme packs that you can choose from or you can pick the font, icon shape, accent color, etc on your own.

Next, the Pixel 4 looks to have a slightly refined Google Assistant UI. Currently, when you launch Google Assistant, a small white card pops up and takes up the bottom third of the display. The new UI slims this down a lot and only shows the color strip along the bottom and the text “Hi, how can I help?” This UI is far less intrusive.

We recently saw some of the Pixel 4 Face Unlock setup UI and now we can see it in action. There is a cute face animation that will instruct you to turn your head in every direction. Since these new images are in English, we can clarify some things from the previous leak as well. It warns the user that looking at the phone can unlock it when not intended, and someone could hold the phone up to your face and unlock it if your eyes are open. The screen also warns that people who look like you, such as siblings, may be able to unlock the device.

We’ve heard a lot about the rear cameras, but not as much about the front cameras. We can see details about the front camera on the Pixel 4 XL in one of the photos. It says the resolution is 8.1MP (3280 x 2460) and it can record at 3264 x 1836. The focal length is 2.47mm and it has fixed and infinity focus modes.

There’s a lot to digest here as this might be our most exhaustive look at the Pixel 4 XL yet. Check out the full gallery below to see all of the hands-on photos.

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