Google Pixel 4 leaked promo video shows off night sky photography, Motion Sense, and more

Google Pixel 4 leaked promo video shows off night sky photography, Motion Sense, and more

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For a while, it seemed like Google’s strategy of sharing details about the Pixel 4 had killed some of the hype around the phone. However, recently, leaks and rumors have suddenly picked up speed. Last week alone, the devices passed through the FCC, showed up on Best Buy’s website, leaked in all three colors, had its 90Hz display confirmed, and a slew of camera features were revealed. Now, Google’s official promo video for the Pixel 4 series appears to have leaked.

Update (7:04 PM ET): The original video was taken down, so here’s a mirror from SlashLeaks.

The video above looks to be a promo video for the Pixel 4/Pixel 4 XL from Google. It opens by talking about the company behind YouTube and Google Maps making a phone “The Google Way,” which seems more like something we would have seen to set up the first Google Pixel, not the fourth. The video then goes on to show a few of the upcoming features.

First, we get a glimpse at “Motion Sense” as a hand waves pass the display to change music tracks. Then the video talks about using Google Assistant and how fast it works. The Pixel 4 camera is also showcased, of course, as the video shows off Night Sight and the rumored astrophotography mode. The video ends with Google boasting about when the company behind “this useful stuff” makes a phone, you get “more than a phone.”

The video also shows off the white Pixel 4 several times throughout. After being quiet for a while, the leaks are really giving us a good picture of what to expect from the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. We’ll know everything when the phones are officially announced next month.

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Source: ProAndroid | Via: Android Police