[Update: Pixel 4 XL in White and Oh So Orange] Google Pixel 4 leaks yet again in high quality render

[Update: Pixel 4 XL in White and Oh So Orange] Google Pixel 4 leaks yet again in high quality render

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Update 10/03/2019 @ 2:20 AM ET: We now have renders of the Pixel 4 XL in White and the new “Oh So Orange” color. Scroll to the bottom for the new renders. The article as published on October 1, 2019, is preserved as below.

Did you hear about the upcoming Google Pixel 4? Of course, you have, as the upcoming Pixel 4 duo has been one of the most leaked smartphones in recent memory. Other than pricing and availability, we know practically everything about the phones: Right from the design, through official teasers from Google as well as leaked images and videos and even reviews, to its software features such as Face Unlock, Astrophotography on the Google Camera, Motion Sense gestures, recorder app, Live Captions, car crash detection, and even the launcher and live wallpapers! If you are still looking for more, Evan Blass has now shared a high-quality render of the Google Pixel 4, because why not.

Google Pixel 4

This render from @evleaks is our best and cleanest look at the Google Pixel 4. In the render, we can clearly see the larger forehead and the relatively thinner chin, along with the rounded corners on the display that come off as too-rounded. We can also spot the front camera, flanked by hardware for Soli gestures/Motion Sense technology. It is not absolutely confirmed whether Google will be shipping the same SKU with the Soli hardware even to regions like India where the feature will be unavailable, so that is one unknown. The back of the phone also holds no surprises, as Google themselves had released official teasers confirming the camera design and the inclusion of a second camera.

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The wallpaper spells out P4, standing for the Pixel 4 obviously. The date on the widget mentions October 15, 2019, which is also the day on which the phone will be officially unveiled at an event in New York City. Google has already scheduled the live stream so you can set a reminder now.

Source: Evan Blass (Private)

Update: Pixel 4 XL in White and “Oh So Orange” colors

Evan has now shared renders of the Google Pixel 4 XL in White and the new Coral “Oh So Orange” colors.

We can spot the different colored power button on both the colors. The phone is also identical in design in both the sizes, though you would obviously get some differences in display size and battery size because of the physical dimensions of the phones.

Source: Evan Blass (Private)

What are your thoughts on the Google Pixel 4 duo? Are you excited for the launch? Let us know in the comments below!