Here’s another look at the new Google Assistant and Motion Sense gestures on the Google Pixel 4

Here’s another look at the new Google Assistant and Motion Sense gestures on the Google Pixel 4

It’s almost comical how much the late 2019 Pixel smartphones have leaked over the past month. We probably know almost everything about the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL except for the pricing and availability at this point. Earlier today, we continued the leak spree when we first revealed the updated Pixel Tips app. From that leak, we learned about the new “Pro Sessions” for scheduled customer support through the Google One app, and we also learned about a new social share feature in the new Google Camera app. Now, we took a deeper look into the updated APK, and we managed to unlock video files that showcase the new Google Assistant experience, the Motion Sense gestures, and Face Unlock for payments.


New Google Assistant

At Google I/O this year, Google showed off a much faster version of the Google Assistant app that’s coming to the Google Pixel 4. Google managed to reduce 100GB of speech recognition and language understanding neural network models down to less than 0.5GB. The new Assistant processes speech “at nearly zero latency,” with “transcription that happens in real-time,” and works “even when you have no network connection.” Overall, Google says the next-gen Assistant can process your query and deliver an answer up to 10 times faster than before, and with Continued Conversation support, you can keep firing off queries without needing to manually trigger the Assistant again. Even better is the fact that the new Assistant integrates with other apps on your phone like Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, or Google Photos.

Yesterday, 9to5Google shared marketing videos that show off the new Google Assistant, but we also managed to get videos that showcase the new UI and features. These videos, again, come from the Pixel Tips app and hence are demos that are played when the user is seeking help with understanding the features on the Google Pixel 4. I’ve embedded a YouTube playlist of the 5 videos I found for the new Assistant. Here’s a summary of each:

  1. Shows off the new Assistant UI. The new UI consists of a colorful overlay over where the navigation bar used to be on older Android versions. The recognized text is shown floating above the bottom area, though the background is blurred around the text so you can easily see what Assistant is recognizing.
  2. The second video starts with a user asking Google Assistant to search for eggs nearby in Google Maps. Google Maps then opens with “eggs nearby” prefilled and entered into the search box. The user then triggers Google Assistant again to ask it to show them hard-boiled egg recipes on YouTube.
  3. This third video shows off Continued Conversation in Assistant on the Google Pixel 4. As is the case with the Google Home and Nest Hub devices, Assistant on the Pixel 4 can continue listening for queries after it finishes delivering a response to your last query.
  4. The fourth video starts with a user reading a text message in the Messages app. The user then decides to search Google Photos for photos of their beach trip from last summer, which opens the Photos app and searches for photos containing a beach in them. The user then triggers Assistant once again and asks to show them their jumping photos, which filters the search results in Photos to only show photos containing a beach and the user jumping. Finally, the user taps on one of the photos and asks the Assistant to share it with their friend.
  5. The last video in this playlist starts with the user receiving a text message from a friend. Instead of tapping on the notification and manually sending a response, the user asks Google Assistant to reply.

Motion Sense Gestures

We already know a lot about how Google is using the Project Soli radar on the Google Pixel 4. Google has made gestures they’re calling Motion Sense, and through our digging, we found that Google plans to support 52 regions and 23 different media apps. We also saw the settings screens for these gestures, revealing that you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Skip music tracks by waving your hand left or right over the phone.
  • Silence phone calls and alarms by waving your hand over the phone.
  • Check your notifications by reaching your hand close to the phone.

Until yesterday, though, we didn’t have any videos showing what it looks like to perform these gestures. In case you’re wondering, here is a video we found that shows what the Motion Sense gestures look like on a Google Pixel 4.

Face Unlock for Payments

Lastly, we’ve known for a while that the Google Pixel 4 has secure facial recognition hardware. We also know that you’ll be able to make purchases using face unlock. Here’s a short demo showing what it’s like to buy from the Google Play Store using your face.

If you want an overview of the other features that Google will show off on the new 2019 Pixels, then I recommend you read my earlier article on the Pixel Tips app. The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will be unveiled in just 12 days. There shouldn’t be very many mysteries left to uncover, but if we find anything new, we’ll let you know.

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Thanks to PNF Software for providing us a license to use JEB Decompiler, a professional-grade reverse engineering tool for Android applications.

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