Google quietly rolls out the ramping ringer feature for Pixel smartphones

Google quietly rolls out the ramping ringer feature for Pixel smartphones

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Back in July, we spotted a new feature in-development dubbed “Ramping Ringer.” When enabled, incoming call notifications will vibrate the phone for 5 seconds before gradually ramping up the ringtone volume over a period of 10 seconds. Since we first spotted this feature, the stable Android 10 update was released for Pixel smartphones and the Google Pixel 4 launched with this feature nowhere in sight. Today, however, we spotted the feature going live on multiple Pixel 4 units as well as the Pixel 3.

You can access the feature by going to Settings > Sound and then tapping on “Vibrate for calls.” This opens a subsetting page where you can set the phone to never vibrate, always vibrate, or vibrate first then ring gradually. Previously, “Vibrate for calls” was just a toggle with no third option for gradually increasing the ringtone volume.

I confirmed the presence of this new setting on my own Pixel 4 unit, but I’ve also spoken to 4 owners of the Pixel 4 XL who confirmed the setting is present. This feature seems to be going live for many, unlike the new “Rules” feature that only went live for a handful of people. We’ll keep an eye out to see if this feature is coming to all Pixel devices. So far I don’t see it on my not-fully-updated Pixel 3 XL, but XDA’s Joe Fedewa says he has the option on his Pixel 3.

Update 1: A user with the Pixel 2 XL confirms they see the new option on their device.

Update 2: Two users with the original Pixel report seeing this new option.