Possible images of the Google Pixel 4 on Sprint may have just leaked

Possible images of the Google Pixel 4 on Sprint may have just leaked

Google has already revealed a lot of information about the Pixel 4, but there’s still a lot we may not know about the next pair of Pixel smartphones. For instance, it’s rumored that the Pixel 4 series will have 90Hz displays, among other features. Today, new photos of the upcoming 2019 Pixel have leaked online, and they show off the front and back in full.

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These images were shared on Telegram, though we’re unsure of where exactly they originated. The images appear legitimate, however, and they may have come from an employee working at Sprint. Why do we say that? Well, the Sprint carrier logo can be seen in the status bar, indicating that this phone is being tested on Sprint. The 2018 Pixel 3/3 XL can be bought on Sprint, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the 2019 models also launch on the carrier.

The images also show that Google may be ditching the Pixel 3’s two-tone, soft-touch, acid-etched back glass cover in favor of a single color finish on top of slippery glass. Although the images show a black color with a white-colored power button, it’s likely there will be additional colors when the phone launches in October.

It’s hard to judge just how big the top bezel is without having another phone next to it for comparison, but the bottom bezel does seem to be pretty small from what I can tell. The corners of the display are still rounded like previous Pixel smartphones, and the display itself is still flat. We can’t tell anything about the display quality, resolution, or refresh rate from these images.

We can also see the square camera bump housing the dual rear camera setup, which we expect to include a telephoto lens. Unlike the Pixel 3 XL, this device doesn’t have a notch, though we’re not sure if these images show the 2019 XL or non-XL model.  Still, we can see the front-facing camera and the space where the face unlock tech and Soli radar are embedded.

We can see that the phone is just in the process of being set up, and there seems to be a brand new wallpaper in the background. Google releases a new set of wallpapers with each new Pixel smartphone, so this is likely just one of many new wallpapers. Lastly, we can see the Android 10 gesture bar and the Assistant hint handle, showing that this smartphone is being tested on the latest version of Android.

We recently confirmed the code-names for the 2019 Pixel are “flame” and “coral” for the non-XL and XL models respectively, so hopefully, we’ll soon find new information on the two devices’ software features. For more on what we (think) we know so far on the 2019 Pixel smartphones, check out our rumor round-up.

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