[Update: In the wild] Google officially teases the Pixel 4 with its square camera bump

[Update: In the wild] Google officially teases the Pixel 4 with its square camera bump

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Update (6/14/19 @ 10:30 AM): The Pixel 4 has been spotted in the wild with the same square camera bump.

Well, this doesn’t happen every day. Google decided to “leak” their own phone, though in this context it’s more a teaser. Regardless, Google has officially confirmed the Pixel 4 and gave us a peek at the design from the Made by Google Twitter account.

This image is very similar to the Pixel 4 renders that were leaked just a couple of days ago. We can see the big square camera bump on the back, it similarly lacks a fingerprint scanner, and the button positioning is correct. There are only a couple of little details to note in Google’s Pixel 4 image. First, the power button is white. We know Google likes to play with color when it comes to buttons and it looks like the black model will get some of that this year, too. The other thing we can notice is the white circle in the camera bump, which appears to be the flash.

That’s all we can really glean from these images right now. It’s pretty cool to see Google be self-aware about the recent Pixel 4 leaks. We’re at the point in the release cycle where the leaks and rumors are going to start really heating up. If the images are going to be out there anyway, why not join the fun? Are you getting excited about the Pixel 4?

Update: Spotted in the wild

Someone spotted the Pixel 4 being used in the wild. There’s nothing new to discern from the photos since Google already confirmed the design of the camera, which is all we can see thanks to a thick case and hand placement. It’s not surprising that people are already using the phone out and about, but it does sorta lock in the design of at least the camera module. The front of the phone has still not been seen, but for what it’s worth, the spotter did say it appeared to have a large top bezel and 2 front cameras.

Source: 9to5Google