Save $200 on the Google Pixel 5 with this Best Buy Black Friday deal

Save $200 on the Google Pixel 5 with this Best Buy Black Friday deal

Whenever there’s a new phone release, I always have one question in mind – how can I get it cheaper? There have been Google Pixel 5 deals since the phone’s launch, but with Black Friday more or less here, you know you’ll be able to save even more as retailers fight for your hard-earned dollars. In fact, Best Buy has been slowly rolling out its Black Friday deals throughout the month, and this final week, we get to see all the retailer has to offer. One of the best smartphone deals? Saving $200 on Google Pixel 5!

There is only one catch to this awesome deal… you have to buy a Verizon carrier Pixel 5 and activate it today. This will bring the price of the Pixel 5 to just $500, which brings this flagship phone down to budget phone prices! You really can’t argue with savings like that, and Verizon tends to have the best cell coverage anyway. You can’t complain!


Not sure if it’s still worth it? Our Google Pixel 5 review might convince you otherwise. Despite choosing the Snapdragon 765G as opposed to the newer 865, this is still a very powerful flagship, and this phone is worth the upgrade for most people. If you’re like me and put a lot of stock into the camera functionality, the Pixel 5 is a step above a lot of the competition, with a tried and true camera sensor and the fantastic Google Camera app and algorithms.

These deals should stay active all week, but that’s assuming the Pixel 5 will stay in stock the whole time. This is a fantastic deal on a very new flagship phone, so you shouldn’t expect it to last. In fact, the Sorta Sage color is already sold out, so don’t wait on picking up the Just Black phone!

    Take advantage of early Black Friday deals now with Best Buy! Save $200 on the Google Pixel 5 with Verizon and activation today, bringing the total down to just $500!

Don’t forget to pick up a case for your Pixel 5, while you’re at it!

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