Google will reportedly allocate more Pixel 5a units to the Indian market

Google will reportedly allocate more Pixel 5a units to the Indian market

Google’s Pixel lineup may not be one of the top-selling smartphone series in India, but the combination of photo-smarts and strong appeal among the tech-savvy segment has helped Google establish itself as a proper smartphone OEM. It all started with the Pixel 3a, which brought a monumental shift in Google’s strategy as the company inched away from the flagship segment and attempted to focus some attention on the mid-range space. The Pixel 3a was a successful experiment. The Pixel 4a that followed a year later was an even bigger hit by Google’s standards, with the company unable to restock enough inventory to meet the growing demand. Now, according to a new report, Google is planning to double down on its smartphone strategy this year for India.


According to Economic Times, who spoke with a senior Google executive, Google will be increasing its focus on the Indian market and bringing more units of the rumored Pixel 5a from its global inventory for the Indian market. The report notes the search giant had doubled the inventory for the Pixel 4a last year for the country, but it was clearly not enough to meet the demand as it turned out.

Besides bringing larger quantities of the upcoming Pixel 5a, Google is also exploring the possibilities to shift some portion of device manufacturing to India for both domestic and export needs, the report adds. If Google indeed goes ahead and starts manufacturing Pixel phones in India, not only will it help with the supply and stock issue, it will also allow the company to save on import duties and take advantage of the Make in India initiative to significantly reduce the device price.

Finally, the report also mentions Google’s plans to expand its product portfolio across more price segments.

According to rumors, Google is planning to launch the Pixel 5a sometime in June. In terms of specifications, it’s expected to feature a 6.2-inch OLED display, a dual-camera setup on the back, stereo speakers, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

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