Android 12L makes its way to the Google Pixel 6 via ProtonAOSP custom ROM

Android 12L makes its way to the Google Pixel 6 via ProtonAOSP custom ROM

We’ve been expecting this to eventually happen after the initial stable release of Android 12L, but perhaps not as quickly as we initially expected. Merely days after the release of the source code, veteran developer Danny Lin, aka XDA Senior Member kdrag0n has successfully ported Android 12L to the Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro in the form of ProtonAOSP v12.3.0.

A bit of a backstory: While Google delivered the Android 12L update to the Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, and Pixel 5a on top of the March feature Drop at the beginning of this week, 2021’s Pixel 6 lineup couldn’t make it to the roster. According to the company, they will get the new build “later this month,” but there is no specific date given on when the rollout will take place. Everything has been pushed to the AOSP codebase, though, so the developer decided to do the necessary and compile a fresh build of his ProtonAOSP custom ROM targeting the Pixel 6 duo.


The build number of kdrag0n’s release is SP2A.220305.012 (which is same as the current official Pixel builds), whereas the upcoming official Android 12L update for the Pixel 6 lineup will carry the SP2A.220305.013.A3 tag. Alongside Android 12L, the latest release of ProtonAOSP also brings along the March 2022 security patches to the Google Pixel 6.

ProtonAOSP offers a number of privacy-minded capabilities you won’t find on Google’s stock software. The additional goodies are geared towards stability and performance, so it’s suitable for those who want to stay up-to-date and take advantage of all the features that the Pixel 6 offers, but with a little more customizability.

If you own the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro, make your way to the ProtonAOSP website to get an early taste of Android 12L. For now, the v12.3.0 build is only available to early access supporters. As a result, interested users must pledge through the developer’s Patreon profile or purchase one-time access to download. After the early access exclusivity is over, you can then download it directly from the “Releases” section of the project’s GitHub repo.

Source: ProtonAOSP

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