Google’s Pixel 6 may sport faster wireless charging with a new Pixel Stand

Google’s Pixel 6 may sport faster wireless charging with a new Pixel Stand

With the Google Pixel 6 series likely launching this fall, we’re on the lookout for any details about the product. One thing we’ve speculated about in the past is whether or not Google plans to launch a new Pixel Stand alongside the Pixel 6. Today, a new report has cropped up with even more evidence suggesting that Google is working on a new Pixel Stand.

When we analyzed the third Developer Preview of Android 12, we first spotted evidence that suggested Google is making an updated wireless charger. From our digging, we learned that Google’s Pixel-specific wireless charging implementation was updated with a new version that referenced fan modes for the wireless charger. Beyond that, Developer Preview 3 didn’t have much else in terms of information.


In Android 12 Beta 2, however, 9to5Google corroborated our findings and found a bit more information about the possible new Pixel Stand that could launch alongside the Google Pixel 6. The original Pixel Stand is a 10W wireless charger that launched alongside the Google Pixel 3 and works with both the Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 5 as well. The new model might charge faster than 10W presuming it indeed has a cooling fan, given the original Pixel Stand charged at 10W and didn’t have a fan at all.

Once again, there’s no evidence pointing to the charging speed of the new Pixel Stand, however, there is new information suggesting what the different fan modes will be used for. For example, 9to5Google reports that saying “Hey Google”, using the Google Recorder app, or enabling Bedtime Mode will quiet the fans so that your voice can be picked up more clearly. The wireless charging implementation seems to reference three profiles that can be manually switched between — “Auto”, “Quiet”, and “Power Boost”. Power Boost sounds like a mode that might be used for faster wireless charging.

Lastly, there’s apparently a reference to the code-name “Luxuryliner”. The previous Pixel stand was codenamed “Dreamliner”, so “luxury” may suggest this is a more premium wireless charger. It’s likely that the inclusion of fans points to one (or both) of the Google Pixel 6 devices having faster wireless charging, as previously there was no need for active cooling in the Pixel Stand.

Featured image: the original Pixel Stand

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