Google Pixel 6 Pro camera and video samples get shown off in extensive leak

Google Pixel 6 Pro camera and video samples get shown off in extensive leak

The launch of the Pixel 6 series is just around the corner, and thanks to leaks and Google themselves, we know pretty much everything there is to know about it. While we’ve seen leaked renders, official renders, live shots in carefully crafted professional advertisements, and photos of the phone behind glass, we have yet to see actual photo samples from the Pixel 6 series. Now, a set of photos and video samples that were taken on a Google Pixel 6 Pro have been leaked.

Previously, while we know what the device looks like and some of its specifications thanks to Google’s unique marketing tactics, we still hadn’t seen anything from the phone’s cameras, and other parts of the phone we’ve still learned through other means too. This particular leak in question comes from YouTuber M. Brandon Lee from the This is Tech Today channel. Last month, he shared a video from his source showing some hands-on footage with the Pixel 6 Pro. Following that, he then revealed in a video what his source said could be the Pixel 6 Pro’s pricing in Europe. Now he has camera and video samples to show off, along with some more photos of the device itself.


Along with those photos of the device, there are actual camera samples and video samples taken with the phone too. Here are three photos taken in a dimly lit room, showing the camera’s capabilities at 1x zoom, 2x zoom, and 4x zoom. There are some other samples below, too.

You can check out This Is Tech Today‘s video to see the video samples.

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Overall, the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s video and photo samples certainly look decent, but it’s hard to say just how good they are for sure. The source’s video looks poorly stabilized and is only 1080p in a vertical orientation, but it’s important to remember that these are taken on a pre-release Pixel 6 Pro. EXIF info from Google Photos is also shown in the video, and you can see that these photos are taken at a 12.5MP resolution. This means that the phone is 4x pixel-binning the 50MP sensor.

We’re getting close to the Pixel 6 Pro’s release, and we’re obviously excited to see what Google has in store!

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