Get the Google Pixel 6 series at its lowest price yet in the United Kingdom

Get the Google Pixel 6 series at its lowest price yet in the United Kingdom

The Google Pixel 6 series marked a change of direction for the Pixel series. It comes with Google Tensor, a chipset made by Google. It also debuted with the latest and greatest version of Android — Android 12. Google Tensor is the company’s debut in smartphone chip-making, and the Google Pixel 6 series is packed with all of the Google goodness you’ve come to expect from a Pixel. Machine learning-powered features, clean software, and fast updates, it’s got it all. Now you can pick up both of these devices at their lowest prices yet in the United Kingdom on Amazon U.K.

    The regular Google Pixel 6 is on sale right now for £499 new, the lowest price that it's ever been available at.
    The Google Pixel 6 Pro is on sale right now for £699 new, the loewst price that it's ever been available at.

For context, the Google Pixel 6 and the Pro retailed at £599 and £849, respectively. Now you can pick them up for just £499 and £699, a pretty steep decrease in price. Looking at their pricing history, this is the lowest they have ever been priced at new from Amazon, and they’re an excellent pair of smartphones that you really can’t go wrong with choosing either. This deal will last for two weeks, so you have plenty of time to think about it and pick it up at a later date if you’re not sure yet.

The difference between both devices isn’t a whole lot, so it might be worth saving your money and going for the regular Pixel 6. Upgrading to the Pro most notably gets you a curved 1440p display (instead of flat 1080p), a 120Hz display instead of a 90Hz display, and an additional telephoto camera. If those aren’t worth an additional £200 to you, then it’s worth getting the base one instead. You get the same processor across both, the same software support, and the same primary camera.

If you do end up picking up either of these devices, let us know in the comments below!

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