Google leaks the Pixel Buds A again, this time on the Android twitter account

Google leaks the Pixel Buds A again, this time on the Android twitter account

Google hasn’t done a great job at keeping its upcoming Pixel Buds A secret. FCC filings from March revealed that Google was working on new wireless earbuds, and Google accidentally showed off the earbuds in a promotional email in April. Now the earbuds have been leaked again by Google, this time through the official Android Twitter account.

The @Android Twitter account is typically used for promoting new features in the Android operating system or Google services, but today at 4:30PM, a tweet went live on the account promoting the ‘Pixel Buds A-Series.’ The tweet (archived) read, “Quality sound and quick Bluetooth pairing. The new Pixel Buds A-Series have arrived. Enjoy one-tap Bluetooth pairing with the updated Fast Pair experience on #Android.”


Pixel Buds A tweet

There was no accompanying blog post or store listings for the new earbuds, and now the tweet appears to have been published early by mistake, as it was deleted by Google after a few minutes. The actual product launch could be imminent, but for the moment, the Pixel Buds A aren’t quite real yet.

Unfortunately, the short tweet and image don’t reveal much about the earbuds. The design looks identical to what we saw in the promotional email from last month, but the all-white case is a bit different than the Panda-style color scheme in the earlier official image — perhaps multiple color options will be available, just like with the current Pixel Buds.

The new earbuds are rumored to be priced lower than the currently-available $179 Pixel Buds, due to the ‘A’ branding (which Google uses on its budget Pixel phones). We likely won’t have to wait much longer for more details.

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