Google Pixel Buds get 2 new gestures and easy Bluetooth switching

Google Pixel Buds get 2 new gestures and easy Bluetooth switching

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Google I/O 2018 saw a number of cool new announcements from the company which related to all of their products. We saw improvements to the Google Assistant, Gmail and, of course, the release of Android P Developer Preview 2. But that’s not all Google has in store, as even after the event they’re still coming out with announcements. The Google Pixel Buds are receiving two new gestures for easier usability and music controls.

For those unfamiliar, the Google Pixel Buds are the official Google-branded wireless earbuds. They’re obviously primarily for listening to music, but they also support the Google Assistant and the wide range of features it offers too. Anything you can do on your phone through the Assistant, you can with the Pixel Buds – so long as they’re connected to your phone, anyway. Even still, there have been a number of highly requested features since their launch, and Google has listened and is introducing two new gestures and Bluetooth switching on-device.

The first of the two gestures will allow you to triple tap the right earbud to turn your Pixel Buds on or off. As for the second, it’s one many will feel a sense of familiarity to when it comes to earphones with a pause/play button. Simply double tap the right earbud will skip the currently playing song, so it’s a great way to navigate through a playlist without needing to take out your phone. You’ll need to turn that on in the Google Assistant application on your phone though.  You can still use voice commands to skip songs if you wish.

Another feature that Google added was the ease of Bluetooth switching. All you have to do is choose the Pixel Buds on the device you want to stream from (provided you have paired both up in the past), and they’ll disconnect from the device they’re currently connected to and start streaming from the new one.

The update is starting its rollout today and should be available for everyone by early next week assuming everything goes well.

Source: Google