Google Pixel Launcher Mods to Change Icon Packs, Widget Sizes, and Labels

Google Pixel Launcher Mods to Change Icon Packs, Widget Sizes, and Labels

If you’ve been around the Android block lately, you probably know that Google makes a few home screen alternatives to Android’s default launcher. One’s the Google Now Launcher, which puts Google Now, a card-based scroll of useful information, in the left-most panel. Another’s the Pixel Launcher, a launcher exclusive to Google Pixel smartphones. Both are highly optimized and fast, but don’t offer much in the way of customization. Luckily, Pixel Launcher Mods, a new root application from XDA Recognized Contributor Quinny899, fixes that.

We’ve seen modded versions of the Pixel Launcher in the past which have included some highly requested modifications, and some that don’t require root. But Pixel Launcher Mods offers more choices and options than many of them, and modifies rather than replaces the Google Now Launcher and Pixel Launcher.


Here’s the list of available tweaks:

  • Change individual icons and apply full icon packs from files
  • Change labels
  • Modify widget sizes (down to 1×1)

It’s compatible with Google Now Launcher, the Lawnchair launcher, and many other Launcher3-based home screen replacements. However, using it with Lawnchair isn’t recommended, as the latter has its own built-in options.

Pixel Launcher Mods works pretty well, but you might want to look out for icons and labels that revert back to their original appearance. It’s a bug caused by application updates, and while there’s a toggle to reapply custom icons and labels, it doesn’t always work. If you’re having trouble, try opening the Pixel Launcher Mods app and tapping “Reapply Changes” (or using the app shortcut if you’re on Android Marshmallow or newer).

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