(Updated w/OTA Files) Google Pixel NPF26J Update Brings Two New Gestures and More!

(Updated w/OTA Files) Google Pixel NPF26J Update Brings Two New Gestures and More!

Updated (both devices included now): We have the link to sideload the OTA onto existing Pixel devices. This can be done by entering the recovery and initializing ADB Sideload. These are the OTA’s for both the Pixel (Sailfish)  and the Pixel XL (Marlin). The OTA’s were successfully done to the existing V variant update and may not work on the international and Verizon models. Sailfish NDE63V > NPF26J OTA Link on AFH | Marlin NDE63V > NPF26J OTA from Google

Thanks to Jeff here at XDA for the Pixel OTA and /u/someguy172 on Reddit for the Pixel XL OTA

Updates and more usually begin off with the region of USA being amongst the first to experience it. But this time, it’s Canadian users of the Google Pixel who are reporting of a new update rolling out for the smaller of the two Pixels by Google.

Clocking in at 261MB, this update is curiously rolling out to Canadian Pixel owners without a changelog in the official updater screen. The update build number is NPF26J, which does not really tell us much on the face of it. Redditors on the Google Pixel subforums however have noted that the build date for this release is October 26th. Compared to the previous NDE63V build with a build date of September 1st, this update likely involves a whole bunch of fixes that Google has managed to undertake in more than a months work. Further, the shift from the “P” development branch from the “D” development branch could be indicative of yet more changes.

Along with the presumed security and bug fixes, the NPF26J update brings in two new gestures to the Pixel. As spotted by eagle-eyed Redditors who received the update, the new “Moves” are Double-Tap-to-Wake and the Lift-to-Wake gestures. Custom ROM and several OEM skins have implemented features like these since a while now, and now the Google Pixel will also be joining in on the convenience.


Both of the new gestures are enabled by default in the update, though you can disable them if you prefer not using them.

Meanwhile, word is floating around that a new Android 7.1.1 Dev Preview 2 is right around the corner. The upcoming builds are number NPF26F for the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 9 and Android One, while the Pixel C will be getting NPF26H.

We are waiting on the official changelog of the update, along with requisite download links. We will inform our readers of new information soon.

What are your thoughts on the newest Android version updates? Have you received the update? Let us know in the comments below!


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