Google will roll out an update to address Pixel performance issues, says Digital Wellbeing not to blame

Google will roll out an update to address Pixel performance issues, says Digital Wellbeing not to blame

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The Google Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL are without a doubt among the best smartphones for photography. However, when it comes to performance, the smartphones have failed to really come across as impressive and have had a fair share of issues and bugs since their launch. Among the most pressing concerns by users, poor RAM management on the two devices was the most menacing. While that got largely fixed along the way, the performance really hasn’t been great or surprisingly smooth and we recently learned via many Redditors that disabling Digital Wellbeing could speed up the two smartphones.

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The Reddit thread received significant attention because pinpointing at the reasons for this slow performance on Pixel devices remained a mystery until now. Multiple Redditors confirmed that revoking usage access for Digital Wellbeing can actually speed things up on the Google Pixel 3/3XL. The option to disable Digital Wellbeing indeed seems like a worthy solution, especially since the tool runs in the background and monitors all your app usage. However, Google says that the problem are elsewhere, although the company hasn’t shared exactly where. Regardless, a fix is underway.

Responding to the original thread on Reddit, Google’s official PixelCommunity account wrote the company has “found no performance issues associated with the Digital Wellbeing app on Pixel.” The account acknowledged that there are some issues – although “unrelated” to Digital Wellbeing – that might be leading to lower performance than what is expected from a flagship. To address these issues and make the Pixel better, Google will also be rolling out an update soon.

This communication from Google, however, was met with skepticism by users who felt that disabling Digital Wellbeing really was helping. We’ll be waiting for the update to validate any improvements to the performance of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL.