Google’s next Pixel Stand could offer 23W wireless charging for the Pixel 6

Google’s next Pixel Stand could offer 23W wireless charging for the Pixel 6

Google’s next Pixel Stand could offer 23W wireless charging speeds for the Google Pixel 6 series. We knew for quite a while that we would likely see some kind of high-speed wireless charging on the Pixel 6 series after we spotted evidence of a fan-enabled Pixel Stand in an early Android 12 preview. Now there’s even more evidence to corroborate that, with the latest report suggesting the next Pixel Stand will support 23W wireless charging.

A report from Android Police cites a listing from a retail database with the name “Google Pixel 23W WL Stand.” The publication notes that there is a possibility this is a typo or a mistake as is possible when it comes to retail sources, though this news lines up with evidence we found pointing to faster wireless charging.


While 23W is impressive when compared to the wireless charging speeds offered by Samsung and Apple, both OnePlus and Xiaomi have that beat already. The OnePlus 9 Pro supports 50W wireless charging, whereas the Xiaomi Mi 11 and the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra support 50W and 67W wireless charging, respectively.

Higher charging speeds generate more heat, which is likely why the 23W Pixel Stand will have a fan built-in. Previous reports have said that saying “Hey Google”, using the Google Recorder app, or enabling Bedtime Mode will quiet the fans so that your voice can be picked up more clearly. The wireless charging implementation seems to reference three profiles that can be manually switched between — “Auto”, “Quiet”, and “Power Boost”. Power Boost sounds like a mode that might be used for faster wireless charging.

As for when this product will be released, it’ll likely be announced alongside the Pixel 6. Jon Prosser is reporting today that the Pixel 6 series will reach consumers on October 28th. While Prosser’s previous Pixel leaks haven’t always been accurate, his track record when it comes to Android 12 and Pixel 6 leaks have been excellent. Prosser believes that the phones will be available for pre-order on the 19th of October, and he guesses that the 19th of October may also be the date of the actual launch event.

Featured image: the original Pixel Stand

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