Google Pixel Stand 2nd Gen comes with a built-in fan and fast-charging support

Google Pixel Stand 2nd Gen comes with a built-in fan and fast-charging support

Following weeks of rumors and leaks, Google finally announced the new Pixel Stand at the “Pixel Fall Launch” event today alongside the new Pixel 6 series. The new wireless charging stand is a follow-up to the original Pixel Stand from 2018. It is priced at $79, but Google seems to have delayed its launch for now.

The new Pixel stand, as you can see in the attached images, is bulkier than the older model. It’s largely due to the built-in cooling fan and support for up to 23W fast charging. The new stand also has two coils — an upper coil to charge smartphones in portrait orientation and the lower one dedicated to wearables like the Pixel Buds. Google says the dock is made of approximately 39-percent recycled materials. That includes the adapter and power cable too.


The new Pixel stand offers an automatic and a manual mode to control the active cooling fan. It stands 4.5-inches tall and weighs 383.6g. It’ll only be available in White color, even though the previously leaked info had suggested two colorways for the stand.

An image showing the pixel stand from front and the back

While the Pixel Stand can be used with any Qi-compatible smartphone, it works best with the Pixel phones. It delivers 23W of power for compatible Pixel phones and supports up to 15W for other Qi-certified devices. They have software features to take full advantage of the stand such as the new setup flow for the Pixel Stand we highlighted last week. The new Pixel Stand will let you choose how it charges your phone at any time. There are three modes to choose from:

  • Optimized: This mode optimizes charging based on your usage, and it’s recommended for most situations.
  • Max: This mode charges the device as rapidly as possible due to which the built-in fan may be louder at times.
  • Quiet: As the name suggests, this mode minimizes noise by limiting fan speed. However, this may result in slower charging speeds.

Placing your phone on the stand also trigger a new interface, featuring media playback and device control tiles. It also shows buttons to change how the stand charges your phone. The interface comes with Material You design, complete with support for Android 12’s dynamic theming.

Pricing and Availability

The new Pixel Stand is priced at $79, like the original model. Google hasn’t given an official release date for the product yet. The Pixel Stand is still listed as “Coming Soon” on the Google Store.

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