Google Pixel Watch will offer customizability with a wide variety of bands and straps

Google Pixel Watch will offer customizability with a wide variety of bands and straps

The Google Pixel Watch was previewed during Google I/O 2022. While we didn’t get much information about the wearable at the event, it was clear that Google wanted to position this watch as the pinnacle of what can be achieved with Wear OS. With that said, it is now being reported that the watch will launch with several watch bands and straps, giving users the ability to customize their Pixel Watch to their liking.

During the event, Google also showed off the Google Pixel Watch’s soft touch silicone bands in a few colors. These will most likely be the most basic option and will probably be included with the watch by default. As far as other options go, it is being reported that Google will offer three color matched Milanese bands that will feature woven stainless steel and a magnetic clasp. There will also be a link bracelet, with a design similar to what you might with any metal watch band currently on the market. Of course, there are different qualities, but at this point, it is unknown just how premium this option will be.


Furthermore, Google will also offer two leather bands, coming in two color variants, a fabric and stretch band. Of course, this doesn’t mean much without the visuals, but by looking at Apple’s Watch accessories, it might give users some sense of what’s coming down the pipeline for Google Pixel Watch. It will feature stainless steel, a circular dome design, a digital crown with tactile feedback, and customizable bands.

The Google Pixel Watch will use a proprietary watch band system that looks like it can be swapped out easily. While we didn’t get a full explanation on how the bands will work, during the I/O keynote, we did get to see the crown shift clockwise, while the bands were locked into place. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until later this year to get full details about the Google Pixel Watch and it accessories.

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