Google Pixelbook Reseller Listing Reveals Specifications, New “Google Clips” Product

Google Pixelbook Reseller Listing Reveals Specifications, New “Google Clips” Product

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We’ve seen a number of leaks surrounding the new hardware that Google is scheduled to unveil at tomorrow’s launch event. For months, we’ve seen both hardware and software details leaked about the upcoming Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but recently we learned about some other products. Specifically, there have been rumors about a Google Home Mini and a Google Pixelbook, but specifications of these devices have yet to be revealed. However, a new listing on a reseller’s website reveals some alleged hardware specifications of the unannounced Pixelbook.

The company is known for their high-end premium Google Pixel laptops with Chrome OS and these have come with a high price tag as well. The recent leak about this device says the base model will cost $1,200 while the most expensive model will be equipped with 512GBs of internal storage and will be priced at $1,750.

Even with 512GBs of storage, $1,750 for a Chromebook is a very expensive device. That was all we knew when we had originally heard of the Pixelbook though—until today. A new listing on a reseller’s website seemingly confirms the three storage capacity variants that we have already heard about. Additional details revealed says all three versions will have a 12.3″ diagonal display and some sort of i5 CPU configuration from Intel.

The listing doesn’t go into detail about which model i5 we’re looking at here, or what the clock speed will be either. The inclusion of an i5 CPU though may be a  large part of why the price seems as high as it does. Along with these specifications, another section for computer accessories uses the label “Google Clips” for some sort of item. We haven’t heard about anything using this name though, so there may still be something for Google to surprise us with during tomorrow’s event after all.

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