Google is Giving Pixelbook and Chromebook Plus Owners Free Netflix

Google is Giving Pixelbook and Chromebook Plus Owners Free Netflix

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Google’s Chromebook lineup made waves by offering a great computing experience at an affordable price. Lately, though, there’s been a trend toward high-end Chromecooks with sky-high price tags, which are a bit harder for most folks swallow. To help better position the new breed of Chromebooks against the premium Windows and Mac market, Google’s throwing in a freebie with every purchase of a Google Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook Plus: Six free months of Netflix.

Google’s Netflix offer stacks on top of the search giant’s other ongoing Chromebook promotions. First-time buyers get an exclusive free car pack in Gameloft’s Asphalt 8, $20 Google Play credit, 100GB of Google Drive storage for two years, and 90 days of unlimited music on Google Play.

Purchase incentives aren’t anything new — especially in the smartphone industry. Several original equipment manufacturers offer pre-order bonuses, gaming bundles, and more as rewards for pre-purchases. Carriers do it, too — T-Mobile recently teamed up with Netflix to subsidize family plan subscribers’ Netflix plans, and Sprint’s currently offering a free Hulu subscription for new subscribers.

At the pricier end of the Chromebook spectrum, incentives probably aren’t going away anytime soon. The laptop market has been shifting a lot lately, and short of a discount, bonuses are one of the best ways Chromebook manufacturers can stand out.

Source: Google