Google Play Console adds new engagement metrics and benchmarks

Google Play Console adds new engagement metrics and benchmarks

Google has launched a new suite of metrics in the Google Play Console, giving developers new ways to evaluate the performance of their apps.

These new benchmarks will allow developers to measure their app’s engagement and monetization trends against up to 250 different peersets. With greater insight, developers will know which features to prioritize. It can be especially helpful for developers who are just starting out and don’t have the resources of larger competitors.

“Whether you want to prioritize new features to drive engagement, experiment with pricing, or drive up retention, we hear from all developers that they need great data and insights to help make the best investments,” Google said in a blog post.


There are 15 new normalized metrics with benchmarks “based on best practices in evaluating app and game performance.” For example, there’s a metric that will tell developers the ratio of users who open an app every day compared to once a month. A different metric will show the average revenue per daily active users.

These new metrics can be found in the “Compare to peers” tab on the Statistics page. Developers will also be able to see other normalized metrics, like store listing conversions, in the same place.

Google said the data powering the new metrics uses differential privacy and come from users who have agreed to share their app activity, which is recorded when an app is opened in the foreground. The new benchmarks also protect developer privacy.

“The largest mobile app developers often use growth consultants to help inform their long-term strategic product decisions,” Google said. “We’re dedicated to bringing this kind of help and expertise to all Play developers via the console.”

The new metrics are part of a larger multi-year project to bring more helpful insights and actionable recommendations to Google Play Console, and arrive after Google added a publishing overview page.

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