Updated Google Play developer policies include clarified restrictions for hate speech

Updated Google Play developer policies include clarified restrictions for hate speech

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Every few months, Google updates the Google Play Store policies to ensure that users are safe and to clarify the company’s stance on certain types of content. We saw this a few months ago when Google banned monetization of the Android lock screen, which led to Amazon putting up their prices on Prime edition phones. Google has now made a number of clarifications and changes to ensure a safe user experience.

The first clarification Google made to its policies is fairly self-explanatory and is simply a clarification on what type of content is restricted and to what extent it can be portrayed. Child endangerment, hate speech, violence, and user-generated content have all been improved upon here so there is no ambiguity. In keeping with protecting users, Google has also introduced new requirements for “Daily Fantasy Sports” apps, which means apps must follow gambling law procedures and must comply fully with the law. If the application is being launched outside of the USA as well, it must establish eligibility through the Real Money Gambling Apps process. Other actions taken to protect users include the banning of applications offering “binary options,” a financial term meaning that a payoff for something is either a fixed monetary value or nothing at all.

But that’s not all, Google has also brought forward a number of clarifications and policy improvements to better their own image at the same time. For a start, applications which suggest they can forge legal documents like passports and drivers licenses will be banned – even if they claim to be for prank or entertainment purposes. Clarifications on malicious content, high-level app metadata, and updated eligibility requirements for access to the “Designed for Families” program means that Google is not only working towards the safety of users but the public image of their platform as well. With companies like Apple beginning to ban questionable application content off of their App Store, it’s about time Google started to do the same.

Source: Google Play Policy Updates