Google Play Family Library could launch soon in India

Google Play Family Library could launch soon in India

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It was back in 2016 when Google decided to finally add an option to share purchased content in your family. Competitors have been doing this for quite a long time, so it was only right for Google to finally announce the feature. Unfortunately, Family Library was not made available to everyone during launch. In fact, it still isn’t.

It’s not news to any of us that Google loves rolling out features slowly around the world. This helps them gain feedback to see what works and doesn’t work in various regions. According to the official list provided by Google, Family Library is currently available in 23 countries, including but not limited to the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, and more. India is nowhere to be found in the list, but AndroidPolice reports that some users have started to see the feature.

Credits: AndroidPolice

If you live in India and want to check if the feature is available for you, open the Play Store and go into Account and then see if there’s a Family option. After signing up, you should see the Family Library option right in the navigation panel. Keep in mind that there’s a high chance that you won’t see the Family option just yet.

Considering that Google hasn’t said a word about releasing the feature in India, it’s possible that that was either accidental, a staged rollout, or A/B testing. As we’re still unsure which is the case, it’s better to just wait for the official statement.

Via: AndroidPolice