Google Play Games is getting a Dark Theme

Google Play Games is getting a Dark Theme

Dark themes are all the rage these days. YouTube has one. Android Messages has one. The Google Phone app will soon have one. Even Facebook Messenger is getting a dark theme. The next app in Google’s portfolio to get the dark theme treatment looks to be Google Play Games.

This dark theme was first discovered by XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899, Kieron Quinn of MightyQuinnApps, and also enabled by us. Google Play Games got a new look late last month and this appears to be another step in that redesign. This is the same Material Theme design we’ve seen in Google Contacts, Google FitGoogle NewsGoogle OneGoogle PayGoogle Home, and Google Maps.


The dark theme acts like the other Google apps with dark themes. It’s not a pure black, which would look great on OLED displays. This is more of a dark grey. The benefit of dark grey over black is less chance of burn-in on OLED displays. The last screenshot shows the new option in the Settings. We love seeing all these app getting dark themes. If an obscure app like Google Play Games is getting a dark theme, that’s good news for more popular apps. Hopefully, someday, Android will have a system-wide toggle for a dark mode.

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