Google Play Games tests new leaderboard design & other UI changes

Google Play Games tests new leaderboard design & other UI changes

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Google is testing a new user interface for the Google Play Games leaderboard and multiplayer window.  The menus are getting the new Material Theme interface that has been rolling out to apps. This adds the new light color design and updated font.

This was enabled by XDA Recognized Developer Quinny898, a.k.a. Kieron Quinn of Mighty Quinn Apps. He was able to enable this in his own game using the newest Google Play Games release. Google Play Games itself has had the new Material Theme update since November of last year. This is the first time we have seen this update in the leaderboard, multiplayer, and achievement user interface. These now all have the Material Theme UI in their respective windows.

The UI is now all white with a green accent color, this is the same as the design of the main app. This also matches the other redesigned parts of the app, which Quinny898 was able to find. This update doesn’t add any new features to Google Play Games or the plugins features in games. It simply brings the app in line with Google’s other redesigned apps.

Google is slowly updating most of their apps with this new interface. Android Messages has this interface. The Google Contacts, Google Phone, Google Fit, Google News, Google OneGoogle Pay, Google Home, and Google Maps apps also have this new interface. They all have been updated since Google I/O 2018 when Google announced this new design.

We are not sure when this update for Google Play Games will be officially available as Quinny898 did have to do a lot of work to get this enabled for his game. It should be soon though as the UI does look very complete.