Google Play Games adds a friends list to help users play together

Google Play Games adds a friends list to help users play together

Last month, we found hints of Google adding a new feature to Play Games called “Play Together.” The company has started rolling this out via a server-side update and we have it already on some of our devices. The update brings a brand new section to the social tab of Google Play Games, making it easier to compete with friends.

You’ll know you have the update when the Profile tab is replaced by a new Social tab. Tapping the Social tab will greet you with several pop-ups explaining the new features. You’ll be able to decide who can see your game activity (only you, friends, or everyone). The next screen will allow you to decide if you want games to have access to your friends list, making it easier to play with them together.


Once everything is set up, there will be a Friends tab on the Social page under your profile name and icon. Google Play Games will suggest friends from your contacts and you can also add friends by searching or sharing a link. Once you have friends added, you’ll be able to compare your stats and see which games you both play. This makes it easier to compete with your friends by comparing achievements.

As mentioned, this functionality is rolling out to Google Play Games via a server-side update. Several of us here are XDA already have the feature. While it may not be as cool as playing a game in real-time with a friend, comparing stats is a cool way to compete. We can all use the extra online interaction these days.

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