Google Play Movies will be upgraded to 4K for free

Technology is always improving, That’s generally a good thing, but it doesn’t come without hiccups. It can be annoying when your old stuff becomes outdated. The beauty of digital goods is they can be updated without being replaced. Google will be upgrading Google Play Movies & TV content to 4K for free, along with some other 4K announcements.

Unlike that old VHS you have lying around, a digital video can be upgraded. Google is automatically upgrading all participating titles to 4K, free of charge. This applies to all SD and HD movies purchased from Google Play Movies (assuming a 4K version is available). You will see a note in the library section once the upgrade has occurred. It does not apply to Movies Anywhere titles in your library.

Google is also lowering the price of 4K movies. They now cost closer to the price of non-4K titles. The Play Movies & TV apps on 4K Samsung and LG smart TVs will soon be able to watch content in 4K as well. The design of the app is also getting a facelift to match that of what you’d see on a set-top box.

This is a great pro-consumer move by Google. If you already bought a digital movie, it doesn’t make sense to have to buy it again just for 4K. The fact that Google is upgrading titles for free is icing on the cake. Granted, this doesn’t apply to movies purchased outside of Google Play Movies, but that is to be expected. Also, these announcements are only for US and Canada. Sorry to everyone else.

Source: Google

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