Google Play Movies Gets Support for “Movies Anywhere” Service — Access Purchased Movies on Multiple Platforms!

Google Play Movies Gets Support for “Movies Anywhere” Service — Access Purchased Movies on Multiple Platforms!

In an official blog post yesterday, Google announced the support for Disney’s Movies Anywhere service in Google Play Movies. Originally launched back in 2014, Movies Anywhere is a broader version of “Disney Movies Anywhere” which allowed users to enjoy their movies on multiple platforms regardless of where they were purchased from.

Unlike “Disney Movies Anywhere”, which only supported Disney movies, this new service allows users to access movies not only from Disney but also from other major studios such as Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal and Warner Bros. With Movies Anywhere, users will be able to access movies purchased from Google Play, Amazon, iTunes and Vudu in a single library across multiple platforms.

To make it easier to understand how it works, let’s assume that you purchased “The Jungle Book” on iTunes. Now if you connect your iTunes and Google accounts to Movies Anywhere, the same movie will be automatically added to your Google Play Movies library as well, without you having to repurchase it. At a time were home entertainment is increasingly being offloaded to competing home assistant platforms, being able to move one’s library across services makes it a lot easier to watch what you want to watch on your favorite app.

Getting started with Movies Anywhere is easy; all you have to do is just connect your Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu accounts to the service —either using the official app or website— and it will automatically add movies from above-mentioned studios to your library.

Singing up for Movies Anywhere is free, and Google is throwing in five free movies if you link two or more accounts to the service. The free movies include:

  • Big Hero 6
  • Ghostbusters (2016)
  • Ice Age
  • Jason Bourne
  • The Lego Movie.

At the time of writing this article, the Movies Anywhere website is still showing a coming soon message and the Play Store listing of the application isn’t live yet either.

For now, Movies Anywhere is launching in the US only. Unfortunately, there is no word on when it will expand to other markets.

Source: Google Blog

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