Google Play Movies & TV is getting support for HDR10+ content

Google Play Movies & TV is getting support for HDR10+ content

Google offers services in almost all branches of the tech industry. One of them is streaming, in which Google offers its service via Google Play Movies & TV. This app is used for renting and/or buying digital streaming content like movies and TV shows. Traditionally, this content has been available in SD and HD qualities. Lately, Google stepped up the quality and now offers HDR and 4K options. Now, per a recent announcement from the CES 2020 stage, Google Play Movies & TV will also support HDR10+ content.

To better explain the importance of the newest addition, let’s first dive into what HDR10+ is. It’s basically an improved version of standard HDR10 format, with an addition of dynamic metadata obtaining feature which calibrates the display according to the information received from the supported content. That way, your screen will try to display every detail of the laid-out background. It is basically like Dolby Vision, with the difference of being free for licensing. This gives different companies the ability to easily adopt the technology. You will be able to stream UHD content from Google Play Movies & TV on compatible smartphones. You most likely won’t need to update the application or do anything manually.


HDR10+ is currently available on a handful of newer smartphones, including devices from Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 line, as well as OnePlus 7 and 7T/Pro and a couple of devices from Oppo and Realme. You can see the full list of HDR10+ supported devices on this website. If you own one of these smartphones, you should expect HDR10+ content to be available shortly in the app.

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